Student Life

It is feeding time for this rabbit on our field trip to a farm.

Gateway students participate in a rich student life that supplements their classroom experience to create well-rounded young children. Some of the exciting opportunities include:

Field Trips
Exploring our community is fun and exciting! Gateway provides wonderful opportunities for our children to investigate the world around them and experience first-hand how it works. All of this is undertaken with the goal of supplementing the learning themes introduced in the classroom.

Community Service
Our children learn about helping others in the community. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to participate in community service projects such as collecting food for a food bank, providing warm clothing for children in need, and sharing Halloween candy with senior centers. These initiatives provide great opportunities for parents and teachers to talk to young children about the value of community service and helping others.

Building Community
Important to all of us at Gateway is to build a sense of community. We call this “Our Gateway Family.” To that end we work hard to develop friendships because at Gateway both kids and parents share in our school experience. There are many opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom, to develop relationships and build community.