Why Gateway

Gateway kids take a break from the fun to say hello.

We are often asked, “Why Gateway?” There are four distinguishing features that set us apart from other schools:

The power of play.

Experts agree that young children learn best through hands-on experience and play. At The Gateway School, teachers guide children as they learn to develop self-control, follow instructions, make friends, and maximize the power of their imagination. This child-centered approach prioritizes early social skills, language and communication to establish a foundation for future academic success.

Team Teaching.

Team teaching creates a dynamic and interactive learning experience which fosters educational excellence. It facilitates greater interaction between students and teachers. More importantly, working as a team, teachers model the values of respect, collaboration and cooperation for our students.

Exclusive focus on preschool education.

The Gateway School is a preschool with an exclusive focus on the transitional period from toddler to school-age child, serving children ages 2.7 years to 6 years old. Our curriculum, classrooms, equipment, library and playgrounds are designed just for young children. All our teachers are experienced, certified and trained in early education. They love teaching little kids and it shows.

The Gateway environment.

The Gateway School was designed to meet the play and learning needs of preschoolers and kindergarteners. Our teachers, facility and community create an environment where kids can feel secure exploring and learning. Our light-filled classrooms, exciting playgrounds, and rich play-based curriculum create the best learning environment possible—a place full of wonder, discovery and joyful learning.