A small group assembles at the table to complete a project that reinforces a learning theme.

The Junior day begins with a robust free play period. Our four to five-year-olds independently choose from a large array of activities and materials that are available to them. Teachers set up each of the four rooms to maximize play possibilities. The large room beckons those who enjoy building structures and playing cooperatively with groups of their friends. Large motor activities are frequently offered in this venue. The art room is an especially creative space, affording children the opportunity to express themselves using many different art materials. Another learning area is designed for dramatic imaginative play, with teachers regularly changing the environment to reflect curricular themes.

Our interactive learning circles reflect weekly themes and also offer math and phonic practice. As a quality Pre-K program, the Junior curriculum is enriched with language arts activities. Kindergarten readiness is a priority, so we also continue to develop fine motor skills, while presenting and practicing academic concepts.

The last part of our morning takes place in our small groups. This intimate setting provides time to share a snack, read a book together and reinforce our weekly topic of study by completing an art project. The day ends on the playgrounds where the children get to run, swing, shoot basketballs, climb, kick soccer balls and have fun, while developing their large motor skills!